2024 Australian Athletics Championships

Published Thu 21 Mar 2024

Australian T&F Championship Eligibility – Team TAS


Congratulations to the following athletes who have qualified for the 2024 Australian Athletics Championships by way of either achieving the Athletics Australia Qualifying standard or by placing in the top 3 at either the 2023 Tasmanian All Schools Championships or the 2024 Tasmanian Track & Field Championships. If you are planning on competing at the Australian Championships in Adelaide in April, then it’s time to get your entries in.


U20 & Open Portal


U13-U18 Portal


Entries close Sunday 24 March at 9:00AM!


You can find all of the information you need to know in the state team hub on the Athletics Tasmania website or by following this link - State Team Hub | Athletics Tasmania (tasathletics.org.au). Check out bulletin #1 for details & links to enter.

If you are unsure of what events you have qualified for then check out the list of qualified athletes which is located in the state team hub, this will let you know what events & age groups you have qualified in.


If you are an U/18 or younger athlete and you wish to enter an event(s) in the U20 or Open as well as your own age group then you will need to enter those U20 or Open events directly through Athletics Tasmania via this email – info@tasathletics.org.au

Athletes will be expected to make themselves available for relays, if for some reason you’re unable to be a part of a relay team please let me know as soon as possible so I can organise the squads to get them practising. Any relay matters need to be directed straight to the following email – stateteammanager@tasathletics.org.au


Relay times are below:


Thursday 11th April                           

5:45pm 4x100m Open Women 

5:52pm 4x100m Open Men 


Friday 12th April

1:30pm 4x100m U20 Men 

1:37pm 4x100m U20 Women  


Saturday 13th April

5:45pm 4x400m U20 Men 

5:55pm 4x400m U20 Women 


Sunday 14th April

5:25am 4x400m Open Mixed


Tuesday 16th April

5:40pm 4x100m U14 Men

5:47pm 4x100m U14 Women

5:55pm 4x100m U16 Men

6:02pm 4x100m U16 Women


Wednesday 17th April

4:00pm 4x100m U18 Women

4:07pm 4x100m U18 Men


Friday 19th April

2:55pm 4x200m U14 Mixed

3:02pm 4x200m U16 Women

3:10pm 4x200m U16 Men

3:17pm 4x400m U18 Women

3:27pm 4x400m U18 Men


More information will be provided as soon as possible and the handbook for the upcoming championships will be available shortly after entries close and the state team is announced.


State Team Hub