2024 Australian Track & Field Championships (U/13 - U/18 Portal)
Sun 14 Apr 2024 09:00 — Fri 19 Apr 2024 17:00

Event information

Late registrations for this event are closed.

This is the entry portal for 2024 Australian Junior Track & Field Championships to be held from 15 April 2024 to 19 April 2024 at the SA Athletics Stadium, Mile End, South Australia. 


If you're having trouble completing your entry online, please contact the AT office and provide the relevant information and arrange to pay the applicable entry fees. There is no paper entry form. Contact details are as follows: or phone 6234 2661

Late entries (in accordance with the principles in the applicable Technical Regulations) will incur a late fee. 


  1. All events shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of World Athletics and Athletics Australia.
  2. Please enter each event by indicating in the event box and placing your best performance since 01.01.2023
  3. Entries will close at 9.00am on Sunday 24 March 2024. 
  4. Late entries will be accepted up to 12 noon on Tuesday 26 March 2024. An additional Late Entry Fee of $50.00 per event will apply to ALL entries received after the initial closing date. 
  5. Age Qualification – For junior (under age) events all competitors must be under the relevant age as at 31 December 2024. 
  6. Athletes with a para-athlete classification and wishing to compete with such classification must indicate their existing or expected classification in the relevant box on the entry form. Para-athletes will in general where circumstances permit compete simultaneously with other athletes in each event entered.

  7. Multiple Entries: Provided they are age-eligible, athletes may enter the same or a similar individual event in no more than two age groups. If an athlete enters the same or a similar individual event in a second age group, one age group must be that relating to their year of birth. For the avoidance of doubt “the same or a similar individual event” means events in the same column in Appendix A. The only exception will be the U15 (born 2010) and U16 (born 2009) age groups since athletes are not permitted to enter both these age groups. If enterinn either of these age groups, the athlete must enter that which applies specifically to their year of birth. If they wish to enter a further age group (subject to regulation 26) it would be U18, U20 or open in both cases. To be clear an U14 (born 2011 or 2012) athlete may enter (subject to regulation 27.3) an event only in their own age group (U14). An athlete may not enter two age groups of the same or a similar individual event when according to the published draft timetable they are scheduled to be held simultaneously. No restrictions will apply age-wise to relay events but clubs are expected to exercise care and responsibility in allocating athletes to multiple relay events. Similarly when an athlete enters a higher age group than their own, the athlete, parent and coach are expected to make responsible decisions in this relation to both that and the athlete’s total entry list workload over the championships.

  8. RESTRICTIONS ON EVENT ENTRIES: The following age limitations set out in Technical Regulation 27 will apply for Tasmanian track and field championships:

  9. 27.1 an athlete must turn 14 years of age in the year of competition to compete in steeplechase or events of a distance in excess of 3000m subject to 27.4;
    27.2 an athlete must turn 12 years of age in the year of competition and have received skill training from an accredited coach beforehand to compete in pole vault and hammer throw competitions; 
    27.3 an athlete turning 12 or 13 in the year of competition will only be permitted to compete in Under 14 age group plus relays in older age groups. Athletes turning 13 in the year of competition may compete in the under 15 200m hurdles, 3000m and/or combined event);
    27.4 an athlete must turn 16 years of age in the year of competition to compete in events of distance in excess of 5000 metres (with the exception as provided in 27.5);
    27.5 an athlete must turn 14 in the year of competition in order to compete in a 5000m race walk championship. An athlete must turn 15 in the year of competition in order to compete in the 10,000m race walk championship;
    27.6 an athlete must turn 16 in the year of competition in order to compete in men's throwing, hurdles or steeplechase event in the under 20 or open age groups.
  10. Event confirmation will take place in accordance with the technical regulations. All athletes and coaches should ensure that they are familiar with these regulations which together with the timetable, other event news and policy information are available on the web site on