2024 Tasmanian Cross Country Championships
Sat 20 Jul 2024 11:00 — 14:00

Event information

Registration for this event closes at Wed 17 Jul 2024 22:00.


Presented by Athletics Tasmania and Tasmanian Masters Athletics

This is the entry portal for 2024 Tasmanian Cross Country Championships (including TMA only events) to be held on 20 July at Pontville (Brighton Regional Sports Complex).



Athletes selected in the State Cross Country Team (and are not currently registered also with Athletics Tasmania) will need to first “register” with AT.

Individual championships will be contested. Under age athletes must compete in the age group for which they are eligible, although any athlete turning 16 or older during 2024 may opt to enter the open championship instead of their own age group.

Tasmanian Championship eligibility is as follows:

Athletes who are currently registered with Athletics Tasmania. {Athletes registered only with TMA will be included in the results of the TMA events only)

If possible please complete your entry online. If this is not possible for you or you are experiencing problems completing this online entry form, please contact the AT office with full details of your issue and a telephone number for contact. There is no paper entry form. Contact details are as follows: or phone 6234 2661.




U12 W&M, U14 W&M


U16 W&M, U18 W


U20 W, U18 M, O60 W&M


U20 M, O50 W&M


Open W&M, O40 W&M



  1. All events shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of World Athletics, Athletics Australia and Athletics Tasmania - and for masters events where applicable, those of TMA, AMA and WMA.
  2. Athletes acknowledge that they must be full “all year” or “OOS only” members of Athletics Tasmania (or another Member Association of Athletics Australia or any other World Athletics Member Federation) and be age eligible - see below. Athletes competing in TMA Masters only events must be a member of Tasmanian Masters or the equivalent masters association in another state or territory. 
  3. Please enter for each event by indicating in the relevant event box. Athletes may enter one event only. The exception to this rule is the over 40 age group which is a supplementary category within the open age group. These athletes should enter the open events and will automatically be included in the supplementary category results. Athletes who are placed in the open category may, if eligible, also be awarded medals in the over 40 age group.
  4. Athletes with a Para-athlete classification and wishing to compete with such classification must indicate their existing or expected classification in the relevant box on the entry form. Para-athletes will compete simultaneously with other athletes in the event entered.
  5. Entries will close at 10.00pm on Thursday  22 June 2023. There is no entry fee for Tasmanian (AT) or TMA cross country championship events. The cost is therefore $0.00 per event.
  6. Late entries will be accepted by the AT office up to 12 noon on Friday 23 June 2022 under the AT Policy guidelines. Thereafter late entries will only be accepted on the day of competition in the Admin Room at Symmons Plains from 10.30am until one hour before the scheduled starting time of the relevant event. Unless there is a traceable administrative error, a Late Entry Fee of $15.00 per event will apply to ALL entries received after the initial closing date up until one hour before the scheduled starting time of the relevant event.
  7. Age Qualification – For under age events all competitors must be under the relevant age as at 31 December, 2023. Athletes must turn at least 10 years of age in 2023 in order to enter this Championship. For the Masters (Men and Women) age groups where age is determined by whether the competitor will reach the stated age on the day of competition.
  8. Provided they are age eligible (see rule 9 below), athletes may enter in the open championships.
  9. No athlete born after 2009 shall be permitted to compete in any event longer than 3000m. An athlete must turn 16 years of age in 2023 to compete in events of distance in excess of 5000 metres.
  10. All competitors should report to the check-in area at Symmons Plains by no later than 30 minutes before the advertised starting time for their event. Event confirmation will close-off at this time. All athletes and coaches should ensure that they are familiar with these regulations which together with the timetable, other event news and policy information are available on the web site on Athletes must adhere to hygiene and social distancing requirements at check-in.
  11. Competitors, other event participants and spectators are requested to be mindful of the need to be vigilant about the need to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and other transmissible illnesses and disease.
  1. All races will begin no earlier than the time indicated on the AT website. Where possible the events will begin at the time indicated. Water will be available at the start/finish line.
  2. Competitors must wear their club or TMA uniform.
  3. Results will be posted on the Athletics Tasmania website. If connections on the day permit this will include a Live Results service.
  4. Prior to the event, please refer again to the AT website and social media for further information relating to this event including the final timetable and any COVID-19 requirements for this event. 
  5. Teams Competition - Club team championships will be contested in each age group. Over 40 athletes may be counted in both open and over 40 categories. Three count for each team except in open where four will count. Only “scoring” athletes will however be included in team calculations. Only scoring athletes will be eligible for medals.
  6. Club team entries will not be specifically required. Up to two teams per club in each age group will be recognised based on the first 3 or 4 (or 6 or 8) athletes to finish in each age group. Clubs will be invoiced on this basis. Clubs that wish not to participate in the teams competitions on this basis must notify the AT Events Commissioner by email ( by 4.00pm on Friday 22 July and indicate in which age groups they wish to participate and the number of teams. Club entry fees will be $22.00 for open and $16.50 for all other age groups.