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SSA Primary Team Announced

Sunday, 28 October 2018 | alinta



Athletics Tasmania are pleased to announce the following 53 athletes have been successful in selection to the State Team to compete at the 2018 School Sport Australia Track and Field Championships in Melbourne from 23rd to 27th November.

10 Years Boys  (9)

Xavier Davie (Sacred Heart Launceston)               200m, Long Jump, Combined Event

Archie Devine (Corpus Christi)                               Shot Put, Discus

Isaac Dixon (St Virgils College)                              200m, Long Jump, Combined Event

Max Matthews (Sacred Heart Launceston)            100m, High Jump

Oscar Marsden (Sacred Heart Launceston)           200m, 800m, 1500m

Hugh McCallum (Corpus Christi)                            800m, 1500m

Seth Cullen (Corpus Christi)                                   100m

Jordan Powell (St Finn Barr’s Primary)                   Shot Put, Discus

Darcy Direen (St James College)                           100m, Long Jump, High Jump


11 Years Boys (8)

Jarvis Breen (Hutchins School)                               800m, 1500m

Blake Doyle (Sacred Heart Geeveston)                  100m, Long Jump, High Jump 

Riley Howard (Norwood Primary)                            200m, Combined Event

Luke Palmer (Bellerive Primary)                              800m, 1500m

Benjamin Potter (Mowbray Heights)                        100m, 200m, Long Jump, High Jump

Travis Round (Hutchins School)                              Shot Put, Long Jump

Jackson Vukic (Lenah Valley Primary)                    100m, 200m

Harrison Nichols (St Aloysius College)                    Combined Event


12 Years Boys (7)

Tommy Bennett (Hutchins School)                          100m, 200m

Jacob Gardner (Mt Nelson Primary)                         800m, 1500m

Tyler Jones (Swansea Primary)                               100m, Long Jump

Harrison McLeod (Immaculate Heart)                      100m, 200m, Long Jump 

Darcy Noonan (Corpus Christi)                                Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump

Oliver Sims (Our Lady of Lourdes)                           800m, 1500m

Tyeson Stone (Waverley Primary)                            Discus


10 Years Girls (8)

Arielle Cannell (Immaculate Heart)                          100m, Shot Put, Discus

Georgia Harmey (St Thomas Mores)                       200m, Long Jump, Combined Event

Ava Murfet (St Anthonys)                                         Shot Put, Discus

Annabelle Pyke (Sacred Heart Launceston)            Shot Put

Amelia Steedman (Fahan)                                        Long Jump, High Jump, Combined Event

Bailey Van Den Broek (Mt Carmel College)             100m, 200m, Long Jump, High Jump

Grace Sims (Our Lady of Lourdes)                           800m, 1500m

Mackenzie Duraj (Sheffield Primary)                        100m, 200m


11 Years Girls (8)

Abbey Berlese (Sacred Heart Launceston)              Combined Event

Priya Bowering (Lauderdale Primary)                       800m

Caitlin Lyons (Perth Primary)                                    Discus

Olivia Jones (St Aloysius College)                            100m, Long Jump, Combined Event

Stella Jones (Princes Street Primary)                       100m, 200m

Taya Munday (Burnie Primary)                                  Shot Put, Discus

Charli Ross (East Launcston)                                    Shot Put, Discus

Jessica Smith (St Marys College)                              800m, 1500m


12 Years Girls (13)

Jessica Bray (Corpus Christi)                                    Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump

Lily Case (Launceston Church Grammar)                 Discus

Davina Cox (Corpus Christi)                                      Shot Put

Prue Clarke (Waimea Heights)                                  800m, 1500m

Kate Healer (St Finn Barrs)                                        Long Jump, Combined Event

Ava Jones (Sacred Heart Launceston)                      Combined Event

Taia Lette (Scottsdale Primary)                                  High Jump

Matilda Nichols-Howe (Snug Primary)                        800m, 1500m

Lucy McNamara (Collegiate)                                      800m

Lila Phillips (Corpus Christi)                                       100m, 200m

Chelsea Scolyer (Forth Primary)                                100m, 200m, Discus, Long Jump

Kayedel Smith (Brighton Primary)                              100m

Bianca Taglieri (Collegiate)                                        100m, 200m


Team Handbook - 2018 SSA Championships, Melbourne


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